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stakeholder survey results

Recently Cairns Basketball released an online survey to understand how our stakeholders feel about what we are doing, their satisfaction with our service and where they see we should be devoting our energy.

We received 142 responses and there are some major themes that have emerged, so we felt it prudent to share this information with you. You can view a report that summaries all the results by clicking on the download button below:

2022 Stakeholder Survey Results
Download PDF • 208KB

To provide some context around the major themes that emerged we have provided some commentary around what we are currently doing.


We scored very well in the Net Promoter Score (NPS) which demonstrates that generally our participants are positive about Cairns Basketball. It is very difficult to achieve a positive score, so scoring 30 as we did is very positive. We do, however, need to work harder in relation to the development of our officials, competition management and communication and improving these aspects of Cairns Basketball’s service delivery will be incorporated into the development of our Strategic Plan.

People were unhappy with the Cairns Basketball website, but you may have noticed that we have a new website that we believe addresses the shortcomings of the previous site.

What Cairns Basketball Does Well

The top four responses to this question were:

1. Community spirit

2. Organising Competitions

3. Junior Representative Basketball

4. Providing a family friendly environment

Where Can Cairns Basketball Improve

The top four responses to this question were:

1. Get draws out earlier

2. More courts

3. Parking

4. Facility enhancement

We felt it important to respond to these to let you know what we are doing and/or why there are deficiencies:

Get Draws Out Earlier

The timing of the release of the survey did coincide with the commencement of the current season. This is our first season using the new platform, Basketball Connect, and players and their families in the junior competitions were unfamiliar with how to register which caused some issues. At the time that we needed players registered with their respective clubs so that draws could be constructed ahead of the season, 40% of players were not registered. This delayed the construction of the draw, and we were further slowed by the volume of inquiry at the last minute as people were rushing to register.

We did send a blanket email to everyone on the database and posted information on our website and social media a month prior to the commencement of the new season, but this we will provide this earlier in future to try an alleviate this issue.

Expansion and Improvement of our Facility

CBI received a Federal Government grant to construct a new amenities block at the Early Settlers Stadium. We have now received approval from the Cairns Regional Council to start this construction and we still finalising architectural and engineering plans so that we can commence building.

The amenities block will extend from the end of the current toilet block to the end of the building next to the canteen. This will be a two-story block which will provide office space and amenities for the CBI staff and volunteers. This will mean that there will be a period where CBI is effectively a construction site while the existing structure is demolished, and the new building constructed. Therefore, there will be some short-term pain for long-term gain.

Construction of the Amenities Block will finalise Stage 2 of the Facilities Plan which started with Stage 1, the construction of Court.

Earlier this year we released information to our members about plans to extend the Cairns Basketball facility by a further three courts. We provided a copy of the Critical Infrastructure Plan developed to articulate the problems we face with a lack of facilities and our plan to address this. You can view this document using the download button below:

Download PDF • 1.46MB

The Cairns Basketball Management Committee recently approved investment in a feasibility analysis that will incorporate concept designs. This requires an investment of approximately $35,000 but is a very necessary step in securing the funds to have the additional courts built which we estimate will cost approximately $18M.

It should be noted that building indoor basketball courts generally cost approximately $5M per court and seating and air-conditioning would be in addition to this. Given the cost we are reliant in funding to enable expansion. This is a long process, but we have made the first steps toward achieving this.

We are also in the process of finalising the architectural and engineering plans so that we can commence construction.

New Programs or Services

Overwhelmingly the responses indicated that we need to provide more skill development, and this is also something that will be fed into our strategic planning process.

Where to From Here

The Cairns Basketball Management Committee will be conducting further analysis focused on coaches and officials to gain greater insight into the issues and devising strategies to address the issues identified. A new strategic plan will be developed later in the year with the start of the planning cycle set for 2023.

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