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We recently surveyed Cairns Basketball coaches to understand their level of satisfaction with the development of coaches at the Association and obtain their views on how to improve the development of our coaches. The results are now in.

Generally, respondents were neither satisfied nor dissatisfied with what has been occurring in relation to coach development. When asked how we could improve there was quite a bit of comment that Cairns Basketball were not doing anything, but there was some contradictory comment that things have improved since our new Basketball Development Manager, Will Lopez, came on board, and people valued the development activities that Will had conducted. This suggests that we are not getting the message out about what we are doing.

It is also clear from the responses that there is an appetite for more coach development activity, particularly at the club level.

We have started to promote our coach development activities more aggressively and will feed this information into our strategic planning process so that we have a planned and coordinated approach to this moving forward.

A summary of the results is available by clicking the link below:

Cairns Basketball Coaches Survey Summary
Download PDF • 453KB

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