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Cairns Basketball gives notice of the 2023 Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be postponed by one week moving the date from Sunday 6 August 2023 to Sunday 13 August. The meeting will be held at the Early Settler Stadium, 289 Aumuller Street, Manunda at 10:00am in the classroom above Court 5

Originally nominations for two (2) general committee members were called, however, three (3) general committee members will be called in line with the constitution. Nominations already received will stand, but we will now accept further nominations until 5:00pm on Friday 21 July 2023. Nominations must be made using the nomination form which is available by clicking the button below:

You should also be aware that anyone who nominates must be eligible to be elected to the management committee. This is defined in clause 19 of the Cairns Basketball Inc. constitution if a person:

a) Is an individual; and

b) Is not ineligible because of section 64(2) of the Act; and

c) Agrees to be bound by the constitution.

In addition, clause 19.2 of the constitution states that a person does not have to be a member to be eligible to be elected as a member of the management committee provided that for a person who is not a member of the association to be eligible to be elected as a management committee member, that person must represent a corporation or association member. Membership is defined in Part 2 – Membership of the constitution.

Nomination forms may also be obtained at the Cairns Basketball office, be emailing or calling 07 4041 2145.

Business of the meeting:

1. Minutes of last general meeting to be read and accepted,

2. President's report,

3. Auditor's report and presentation of the audited financial statements,

4. Appointment of auditor, and

5. Election of office bearers.

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