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To all our valued Sponsors, Members and Supporters –

Cairns Basketball has been the subject of inaccurate and speculative reporting in the Cairns Post, for most of the past 2 years which up until this point has been disregarded.

Cairns Basketball has made a number of approaches to the Cairns Post in an attempt to resolve these issues to no avail

However, the editorial piece by Cairns Post in the Weekend Post (Saturday 12 May 2018) contains so many statements that are sadly, simply inaccurate, we feel we are left with no alternative but to address these inaccuracies and provide clarity for our supporters

Cairns Post: This week, Cairns Basketball cancelled the Cairns Post’s media accreditation for QBL games. This is the latest attempt to stifle local coverage of sport and to somehow try and bully us into reporting what they want, when they want.

Fact: Cairns Basketball DID NOT cancel media accreditation for the Cairns Post.

We cancelled the accreditation for ONE journalist.

Cairns Basketball does not need to, nor want to stifle local coverage of sport –7 Local News, Nine News, WIN News, , Star FM, 4CA, ABC Far North and other radio stations all attend games and training sessions at their preference. Coaches and players are also available to any media while on the road throughout the QBL season.

Cairns Post: At a time when the National Basketball League is doing everything it can to grow its sport, Cairns Basketball administrators are doing all they can to destroy it.

Fact: This is highly inflammatory and offensive to the administrators, the Management committee , the staff and over 400 hundred volunteers that support and contribute to Cairns Basketball and its growing success.

The Cairns Post is clearly not aware of the current state of Cairns Basketball.  CBI facility is currently undergoing significant renovations, which include the addition of a new court to support rapidly growing participation.

The Cairns Post has failed to recognise the impressive financial stability and facilities expansion which is  in line with Cairns Regional Council, State and Federal Government and Basketball Queensland’s growth strategies.

Furthermore, Cairns Basketball continues to be a leading association in the state. In 2016, Cairns Basketball won the Vince Hickey Trophy for the first time in the history of the awards which dates back to 1990. The Vince Hickey Award is based on Junior State Championship results and goes to the most successful  association across all boys and girls age groups. This success validates that the success and performance off the court is having a direct correlation to Cairns’ performance on the court.

Cairns will be awarded the trophy (shared with Southern Districts) for a second consecutive year by Basketball Queensland at the annual ceremony later this month, a huge testament to the organisation and those involved.

Cairns Post: We invested big dollars into the Taipans when it was on its knees, standing shoulder to shoulder with them through their darkest hours and have provided first-class coverage of the QBL.

Fact: There are a number of claims in this  editorial piece that are directed at the Taipans, that Cairns Basketball will not address, as they are not relevant.

While it is common knowledge that Cairns Basketball and the Taipans have a strong partnership that is mutually beneficial to both organisations, they are separate organisations and should not be grouped as such, nor should the individuals that service both independently.

Cairns Basketball plays a huge role in the community of Cairns (and has been for 60 years), and is proud of its connections with the public, local businesses, schools and other organisations.

And, while we are disappointed that the local newspaper cannot be part of this growing successful network, and instead had to be addressed in this manner – Cairns Basketball needs to stand up for itself, it’s members, and all the people and businesses that support it.

The Cairns Post is welcome to attend and cover our QBL games and all Cairns Post journalists and photographers , except one, will be given media access as has been to the situation since 1987.



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